Just fuck you brain..

Right! Vow to never do this!


Just fuck you brain..

Right! Vow to never do this!

Could not agree more

Could not agree more

My cat Will. He sits like that on his own.

My cat Will. He sits like that on his own.



Daniel Radcliffe @ Kill Your Darlings Set.

 #he looks more like Harry Potter than he did in Harry Potter

I totally agree, except he is Hipster Potter


The multi-green of my friendship bracelet handmade with love
The dark green glaze on my favorite food bowl
The light green eyes of my cats, striking as they stare.
The jade green colored beads on my keychain and the lime green pajamas comfy soft
The pale green tin can of my chosen soda.

The milky green pond flowing on, home to olive turtle and frog in the dank green forest
The earthy green leaves and vines and the fuzzy green moss cover.
The slick green of the snake slithering in the green grass and the fresh green of the apple.

The bright green clothes and makeup of the Saint Patrick’s day celebrators and
The clover green shamrocks and happy green leprechauns.
The pine green of the christmas tree and the decorative green cookies and
The crumpled up green wrapping paper and forgotten green ribbons on the floor.

The spirited green of high school colors.
The painted green of a tennis court and the fake green of a pool table and
The pristine green on the golf course.
The glowing green of the traffic light, Go.

The clean green of protecting earth, our green mother and
The thumb green of the accomplished gardener.
The monster eyes green of jealousy and the people green with envy or of sickness and
The greedy green of cash money.

The Chosen One

I am The Chosen One
My parents died but no one cried
Because the Dark Lord was gone
And I became The Chosen One.

I was just a boy when they came
To tell me that I wasn’t the same.
A wizard they said to little me
Is what you were meant to be.

To school I went to learn my trade
And every year some evil crusade,
The stone I saved when bond did break
I pierced the book with fang of snake
I found the real traitor but then he ran
Back to his master who hatched a plan.

I won the cup and the war began
The Dark Lord rose from potion to man.
The Order reformed to wage a fight
The Ministry was blind to our plight.
Our leader, killed by Half-Blood Prince
And I haven’t been at rest since.

I must not just sit and wallow
Clues of dead man left to follow,
To find the mysterious long missing parts
Of the soul that stopped many hearts.

I am The Chosen One
I may die, and many still to cry
Because the Dark Lord is not done
And I am The Chosen One


Interviewer: I don’t think you feel like you’re missing out, do you?
J.K Rowling: Not widely no.

Its that time. Don’t mess with me

Its that time. Don’t mess with me

The Pinecone, Necklace, and Sunglasses (Poem)

So this is the first one of my poems that I am presenting to the whole world. I’m in a poetry writing class now so I figured Ishould start sharing them. This is the first draft of one of my exercises.


The Pinecone, Necklace, and Sunglasses


Cedar Roses, the pinecone flowers

An item rarely found intact but often sought

For its beauty is not matched by pinecone or flower alone.

Careful when you hold them as even though they survived the fall,

They can break in your uncertain hands.

A natural bloom made from unusual medium

Stiff and rough instead of silky smooth, 

Creating an accidental contradiction of Gaia.

A heart, cracked with a bandage over 

A pendant handcrafted to represent a feeling.

Man made, and therefore unnatural

But able to show the progression of life.

Though once perfectly panted,

Now scratched and faded in places. 

The chain broken and then repaired

The damage only adding to the message. 

My simple cheap sunglasses

A tool used by many everyday

But holds no value due to beauty or sentiment. 

Plastic on plastic with screws holding it together.

Practical in application, helpful even

To improve your sight on a sunny day,

or to just add to your sense of style.

Moms favorite pinecone  (Taken with Instagram)

Moms favorite pinecone (Taken with Instagram)